May 2023, March of Mourning

One day, we hope these marches will no longer be necessary. Until then, we will continue to bring attention and action to the needless suffering and death brought about by government sanctioned gun violence.

On Saturday, May 13, 2023, the Portland Raging Grannies held a March of Mourning for Victims of Gun Violence. We marched from the Portland Art Museum, through the South Park Blocks, and into the Portland Farmers Market at PSU.

The group carried a mock coffin at the head of the march, symbolizing the lives lost due to gun violence. Behind the coffin, members held headstone signs displaying the dates, locations, and numbers of victims from mass shootings that have occurred this year. The march aimed to raise awareness about the impact of gun violence and advocate for sensible gun control measures.

Holiday Stockings to Our House

In what’s becoming an annual tradition, the PRG Gender Equity Team delivered stockings full of holiday cheer to Our House. Items included snacks, drinks, useful items like socks, and fun items like stuffed toys and personalized cards.

About Our House

With the help of amazing staff, dedicated volunteers, and exceptional supporters, Our House of Portland provides healthcare, housing, and other vital services to people in need in our community living with HIV. 

Our House has been part of the Portland community since 1988. Our services have expanded, but our commitment to people living with HIV has remained the same. HIV is a complex and challenging disease that can often be overwhelming.

​In 2022, Our House officially merged with Cascade AIDS Project (CAP), to further expand its service offerings and provide greater wraparound care for our clients!

The Raging Granny Can Can

Filmed October 2022

The Raging Granny Can Can
Lyrics by Sulima Malzin

Here we come the Raging Grannies
Got up off our fannies
Just because we can can can can can (5x) (kicking)

And so can you.
If you walk toward trouble
Burst out of your bubble
You can help us KickOut KickOut KickOut KickOut (4x)

Sleazy weasels in high places
In the mid-term races
We can vote them out
Vote Them Out
Vote Them Out
OUT !!!

Are You Voting This Time?

Filmed October 2022

Lyrics by River Montijo, ukulele by Cindy Workman

Are you voting this time?
Are you voting this time?
Are you sorry you skipped it before?

With a Court that’s unfit,
And a Congress that’s split
We can’t get our foot in the door.

Will you stand for the rights
Of your sisters out there?
Would you like our environment in hands that care?

With our country in pain
Let us ask you again
Tell us, friends…
Are you voting this time?

Are you voting this time?
Are you voting this time?
Do you want to restore women’s choice?

While the climate fires rage
And Corona’s a plague,
Remember your vote is your voice.

Doncha think that it’s time
we replaced those mean brats
With a congress who will act much better than that?

So here comes our refrain:
Let us ask you again
Tell us, friends…
Are you voting this time?

Rage On!

The Raging Grannies are an international organization of senior women changing the face of activism in today’s turbulent political climate. Rage On is a window into the activist lives of Judy and Ali, two women from the Grannies’ Portland chapter. Film by Emily Curtis and Lucy Stevens.

2022 Pride Parade

The Portland Raging Grannies were proud to participate in the 2022 Portland Pride Parade.

We celebrate our LGBTQ+ community, family, friends, members, and neighbors. We support them as they live openly and authentically.

Silent March of Mourning

» See images from this action at Willamette Week

The Portland Raging Grannies, dressed in black and carrying a coffin, will lead a Silent March of Sorrow from the Federal Court House to Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Any and all who wish to respectfully honor the thousands of Americans who have died at the hands of government-sanctioned gun violence are welcome to join.

Date: Monday, May 30, 2022 (Memorial Day)

Time: 1 P.M. PDT

Location: Lownsdale Square, SW 4th Avenue and Main Street, Portland, OR 97205

Join and share the event on Facebook

Save Our Salmon, Undam the Snake River

This summer is a historic moment in the fight to save Pacific Northwest salmon and orcas from extinction. But it’s more than that—because over 135 species depend on the salmon and the critical balance they support in our ecosystem. 

The Portland Raging Grannies are very involved in raising public awareness about the removal of four dams on the lower Snake River in Washington state. Those dams are a major obstacle to salmon which need to reach the headwaters in Western Idaho and NW Oregon.  Salmon are nearly extinct on the Snake. Orcas are the top predator relying on those salmon and orcas are starving.

We joined many other groups on Earth Day to urge removal of these dams!

Statement on Biden’s Decision to Divert Billions from the Afghan Central Bank

The Portland Raging Grannies disagree with President Biden’s decision to seize 9.4 billion of Afghanistan’s federal reserves frozen in the U.S. In addition, the act of unfreezing this money to give half to 9/11 families causes insult to a country whose involvement in that historic attack is in question compared to the known terrorists from Saudi Arabia whose country has received no punitive action.

We request the Biden administration return the totality of Afghanistan’s asset reserves back to Afghanistan. The country is in risk of financial collapse without these funds in order to keep schools and hospitals functioning as well as food on the tables of Afghan families. The people have suffered enough. They deserve justice and our compassion.