Rage On!

The Raging Grannies are an international organization of senior women changing the face of activism in today’s turbulent political climate. Rage On is a window into the activist lives of Judy and Ali, two women from the Grannies’ Portland chapter. Film by Emily Curtis and Lucy Stevens.

Statement on Biden’s Decision to Divert Billions from the Afghan Central Bank

The Portland Raging Grannies disagree with President Biden’s decision to seize 9.4 billion of Afghanistan’s federal reserves frozen in the U.S. In addition, the act of unfreezing this money to give half to 9/11 families causes insult to a country whose involvement in that historic attack is in question compared to the known terrorists from Saudi Arabia whose country has received no punitive action.

We request the Biden administration return the totality of Afghanistan’s asset reserves back to Afghanistan. The country is in risk of financial collapse without these funds in order to keep schools and hospitals functioning as well as food on the tables of Afghan families. The people have suffered enough. They deserve justice and our compassion.

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