PDX COP26 Vigil

Please attend the PDX COP26 Vigil today, Saturday, November 6, 2021, 4:30 p.m., near the Burnside Bridge.

Hi friends,

I’m writing to share with you that my boss Congressman Blumenauer is heading to Glasgow, Scotland next week to attend the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). He knows that this is an historic moment and a once-in-a-generation opportunity to advance bold, transformative climate policies to create a more livable world for our children. He’s committed to meeting the moment both on the national stage in Congress and on the international stage in Glasgow.

His goals at COP26 are to work with world leaders and share ideas to advance bold solutions. After years of voluntary pledges and agreements, he knows these tools are simply insufficient. The world is in a new era of climate disasters and the Congressman is committed to helping advance a new era of policies — one that prioritizes large scale emissions reductions, mitigation, and resilience, all under principles of a just transition.

You know well some of the policies he’s working to advance through Congress now:

- Closing loopholes and ending tax subsidies for polluters;
- Expanding renewable energy technologies to power us to a clean energy future;
- Reducing emissions from the transportation sector, giving more people more, cleaner options like mass transit and bikes;
- Ending illegal international deforestation;
- Achieving pollution-free homes and schools for our communities;
- Ensuring universal access to clean water; and
- Making deep investments in community-led projects to address environmental injustice.

Congressman Blumenauer is proud to bring Portland values with him onto the international stage. He is pushing for what so many in our community want: a livable, resilient, clean energy future, a future where our communities aren't choked by wildfire smoke and our neighborhoods aren't sweltering under oppressive heat waves. He wants to carry your energy and advocacy into these conversations. Will you send three ideas, priorities, or suggestions for him to bring with him to Scotland next week?

With your partnership, he’ll keep working to advance our shared values and create a more just and livable future for us all.


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